Sea of thieves

When is the SEA of Thieves community day?

YRRR! Now is the best time for a pirate in Sea of Thieves. From the battles with megalodones and kraken to raids on the forts of skeletons and participation in “high fairy tales” with famous pirates, such as Jack Sparrow, there is no end to fun.

Improving the rate is the upcoming community day. The next day of the Sea of Thieves community starts May 14, 2022 . The event will last 24 hours and includes all kinds of bonuses, privileges and sales to lure pirates in the open sea.

Bonuses of the SEA of Thieves community Day

  • Increase in gold
  • Increased boost of reputation (up to three and a half times!)
  • Flag of the community day of the sixth season

Season Five Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves
* The emotion of the wing wave
* Pets for half price in Pirate Emporium
* DISTRY DISCOUNT OF DARK Warsmith, a set of ship and weapons.
* Discount emotions
Merch Store 30% discount on some products from community day * discount code
* Gilded Bangoi Phoenix Twitch Drop for viewing 20 minutes or longer

With an increase in gold growth and reputation, it’s time to enter the system, collect prey and get a seasonal subscription. See you on the open sea!

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