Magic third minute of stoppage time for 1. FC Bocholt

The top game between VfB 03 Hilden and the SSVG Velbert was not an eye -catcher for a long time in front of the decent backdrop of 1000 spectators, but offered a large portion of drama at the back.

Both teams felt for a long time and played carefully. What comes out when you are too open, the domestic VfB had to experience firsthand in the 40th minute when Velbert quickly counterattacked and shot the lead.

In the 55th minute, Weber had the great chance of equalizing, but he lifted SSVG goalkeeper Lenz in the face. In and of itself, VfB was not piercing enough this afternoon. After all, the team from Tim Schneider got a last-minute point because Demir converted a penalty in the third minute of stoppage time.

Bocholt with lightning start

As the 1. FC Bocholt against the Sportfreunde Baumberg after done the field left the field, he will certainly have pleased the two pursuers’ division of points. The FCB itself had to drill a thick board. In the 3rd minute everything started like lubricated, Winking found Lorch with his wing change, which pulled towards the goal and hit the long corner. But shortly afterwards Sarikaya had the great chance of 1-1, Wickl was able to parry with difficulty. After a quarter of an hour, Sarikaya pulled off again, this time with greater success.

Then the game picked up, Platzek had the lead three times until the break, on the other hand, Hömig failed on keeper Wickl and Turay just headed over the goal. Perhaps it is precisely the property that, according to the opportunities awarded, one continues to believe that the strikers like Platzek make as special. In the 52nd minute he stole from his opponent again, now the post stood in the way. In the middle of the Bocholter urge phase, the Baumberger leadership fell: a cross landed on the second post near Höig, which was unable to push the leather into the goal (58.).

Bocholt now seemed crazy, played comparatively without ideas and agile. Only a penalty in the 79th minute removed the mildew over the domestic offensive efforts. Platzek converted the penalty. Without the right flow of the game, the afternoon headed for a tie before Wakamiya hit the ball again in the third minute of stoppage time and actually hit Platzek to win. The FCB has thus expanded its lead over Hilden and Velbert to four points, although Velbert can play one more game.

City Derby in Essen

In Essen it was not much more tabular, but a lot of prestige. In the city derby between the ETB black and white Essen and the SpVG Schonnebeck. After Steckpass, Sahin achieved early lead for black and white. Two direct acceptance of Küper shortly before the break whistle turned the game. Worth seeing also pulled out Brandner in the 58th minute, his shot from around 20 meters hit 3: 1 unsustainable at the angle. Remmo was able to use a defense error to 2: 3 (78th).

The 1. FC Monheim also won 3-2 on its own meadow against 1. FC Kleve. The FCM turned an interim 0: 1 and 1: 2. Ratingen 04/19 was enough for ex-professional Lamidi to win 1-0 over TSV Meerbusch.