Everything included in The Quarry: Deluxe Edition

The interactive plot horror of The Quarry is available in versions of Standard and Deluxe Edition for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Quarry Deluxe Edition includes the full version of the game, characters’ costumes, rewind death, mode of the film “Woeful Festival” and a set of visual filters. . The Deluxe Edition publication includes a lot of content, but what is everything?

costumes of characters in the style of the 80s

Deluxe Edition includes unique outfits in the style of the 80s for all nine characters and can be used in any passage of the game. Unfortunately, the outfits are shot content, and it is stated that they will be taken to the game by July 8, about a month after the release of the game. Outfits in the style of the 80s have not yet been disclosed, but it is expected that they will be demonstrated after the game is released.

rewinding of death

Deluxe Edition gives instant access to the DEATH REWIND game function. This feature is available after the game in the standard edition, but the owners of Deluxe Edition will be able to use the “rewind of death” at the first passage. The rewinding of death makes it possible to rewind the death of three characters in history, which can be useful for the development of history without loss of character.

mode of the film “Woe Festival”

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of content in Deluxe Edition is the mode of Horefest. Although little is known about the game mode, it adds to the mode of the film that turns off the elements of the gameplay and adds more elements of the film to the passage.

The official description of Gorefest: “For fans of grindhaus groteses: in this cruel version of the movie mode you will find an abundance of deaths, dismemberment and buckets of blood.”

package of visual filters of horror history

The Horror History visual filters package is available when pre -ordering or in Deluxe Edition. Horror History filters packs add three additional filters to the game as a tribute to the horror history. The filters include indie chorror, the horror of the 80s and the black and white classic horror.

The Quarry - Is the Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Quarry has versions of the current generation and the next generation, so there are no cross -saving or cross progress. If you purchase Deluxe Edition for one platform, your content will not be transferred to other consoles or other generations.

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