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Wow: cowhide, cowmooflage & more – The best names for your tauren

Recently we learned about MRGM’s interview with Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka that All peoples in WoW can become magicians, priests and villains in the future . The first thing that came to mind was of course the Volks-Class combination of Tauren and villain-the meme combo par excellence.

Because that doesn’t fit together. A cow that successfully sneaks on you on your huge, clumsy hooves?! Well, you will probably not make much more noises than a 150 kg or Kul Tiraner. The new Kombo made of Tauren and villain not only makes a meme come true, but also gives the community feed for special creative characters for their future Tauren villain.

of nature the most bizarre names?

If the amount of imaginative role-playing names is exhausted, wow players like to come up with stupid/funny names for their alter ego. For example, who does not know the witch champions who call themselves Benaffic. This is an allusion to the actor Ben Affleck. And the witcher’s DOT-Spec is called Affliction… you understand… Haha, therefore Benflic… well. Mattdemon is also understandable…

With tauren names, the funniest names can seem to be formed in English – at least that’s how it seems to us. Because it is not uncommon for us to meet Rindastwood, Hasslehoof, Kurtcowbain, Cownan and what they are all called in Azeroth.

Since Tauren is allowed to play villains in the future, some players will probably reserve the most crazy names that are somehow a mixture of cow and an attribute of the villain class. For those who are still looking for such a funny name combo for their future Tauren villain, we have listed some of them from the community for you.

The “best” names for your Tauren villain in WoW Dragon Flight

  • Beefgosthief
  • Thiefmcbeef
  • Wheresdabeef
  • Woistdiemu
  • Cowhide
  • Cowmoflage
  • Unsettled
  • CamooFlage
  • Gankuh
  • Cow punch
  • Cuberiken
  • Strangmolate
  • Mootilate
  • Invisibull
  • Invisicow
  • Moohrdurer
  • Milkshank

BEST names for WoW Classic Characters!
* Hamburgler
* Beefthief
* BeefShanks
* Coward
* Sneakybeef
* Sneakystomp
* Sneakyhoof
* Vanhoof
* Edwinvanbeef

We are sure that we will see one or the other name from this list in the upcoming WoW extension DragonFlight . Until then, we brainstorms a little more. Are you going to create a Tauren villain with Dragonflight? Which name do you like best from the list? Do you still have suggestions for funny Tauren villain names? Just write us here in the comments.

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