Nexon Networks Recruitment Linked internships in the first half of the year

[VLOG] First Day At New Job
Nexon Networks (CEO Mun Sae -Byong) is recruiting an internal -related internship in the first half of 2022.

In the field of game services, hiring is hired in two -digit size, and if you are interested in the field, you can apply regardless of your educational background and career.

The documents will be accepted on the official Nexon Networks website from 2 to 16 pm. Successful documents will be joined in June after personality test and interview. For the next six months, he worked as an intern at the Nexon Networks Pangyo Center, and he will be given a chance to switch to full -time employees. During the internship period, salary and welfare apply the same as regular workers.

Shin Choong -seok, head of the management support department at Nexon Networks, said, “We will provide internship participants with the opportunity to experience various job training programs and business methods of Nexon Networks based on their expertise and know -how accumulated for 20 years.” I hope that talented people who will grow Nexon Networks with their passion and attention. ”

Nexon Networks is a game service company in charge of operating and quality control of all games that Nexon services are serviced by Nexon. In addition, we will expand the welfare system every year to provide a better working environment to members. Representative welfare systems include selective working hours, rechargeable vacations and vacation costs, 2.5 million won welfare points, and in -house daycare centers.