Overwatch 2 responds to twitch beta drops on works

Yesterday, fans had the opportunity to receive a guaranteed invitation to vigilance 2 PVP closed beta transmitting four hours of Twitch. It seems that several players have received Twitch Drop, but they have not been able to exchange it. Blizzard Entertainment has now approached the problem on Twitter, stating that it seems to be caused by players who have not linked their accounts from Battle.net and Twitch. Those who have already done it now should have access to the beta version, although it seems that some players could still be waiting for Blizzard to finish processing licenses.

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Blizzard Tweets on the problem can be found embedded below.

With luck, those who obtained access to the beta version will be able to enter quickly! Despite Blizzard’s guarantees, it seems that there are still reports from players who have not been able to access, even after linking their accounts. There has been a lot of anticipation about the beta version and the players are ready to see what the sequel has to offer. While Vigilance 2 It seems that it will have many similarities with the first game, there are also a series of notable changes. It remains to be seen if these changes will be for the better, but those who obtain access to the beta version can judge themselves!

Unfortunately, Supervisión fans in the console will have to continue waiting, since the closed beta version is only accessible to players on the PC. At this time, Blizzard has not made any announcement about a beta version of the console, but it is expected that this happens at some point in the future. Supervisión is currently available in PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC. Given the great user base that has the game on those platforms, it is difficult to imagine that Blizzard does not offer a similar opportunity. For now, fans will only have to wait and see! Meanwhile, readers can consult all our previous coverage of vigilance 2 right here.

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