NBA: No comeback! Ben Simmons will not run in Game 4 for Brooklyn Nets

Roll backwards at Ben Simmons. Contrary to other reports of the past few days, the Australian will not make his debut for Brooklyn Nets.

In the course of Sunday, Simmons leaked in game 4, later it was also black and white in the official Injury Report of the NBA. According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), the Australian woke up back pain again on Sunday after completing a workout on the sidelines of game 3.

The past ten days had not felt any pain in his work for a comeback, so that optimism in the franchise prevailed that Simmons could actually be used on Tuesday night (from 1 a.m.). Instead, those responsible for the Nets are said to have been surprised and disappointed.

Nets coach Steve Nash had been carefully optimistic after game 3 against the Celtics: “I think it is possible, but I’m not sure. It is not normal for you to just come back like this after nine months. (…) It’s not just about workouts, but about the overall context. How does he feel? How does it adapt? We have to take everything into account. “

The decision that Simmons would not play now meanwhile ensured violent reactions on social media, especially by Pacers legend and TV expert Reggie Miller. “Come on. It was said that you want to be there in game 4. The boy is simply not a competitor,” said Miller’s harsh judgment.

“The chances for the Nets are low, but with KD and Kyrie you only need a win and then you look at how it works,” the Hall of Fam continued. The Nets had lost the first three games against Boston, now a sweep threatens on Tuesday night. It would be the first time in the career of Kevin Durant that a team of the two-time Finals MVP leaves without a single win in a series from the playoffs.

Celtics vs. Nets: The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 17. April 21.30 Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets 115: 114
2 21. April 1 o’clock Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets 114: 107
3 24. April 1.30 a.m. Brooklyn Nets Boston Celtics 103: 109

Ben Simmons possibly playing in Game 4 isn’t going to save the Nets - Frank Isola | First Take
4 | 26. April | 1 o’clock | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | –

5*| 28. April | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | –
6 * | 30. April | TBD | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | –
7 * | 1. May | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | –

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