Overwatch 2 changes to the buds … More faster

Blizzard is the 27th Overwatch 2 PVP beta testing, while the new hero ‘Conservation’ and the existing heroist relay.

First, ‘Bibli’ is a leader and commander, and will play a key role in overwatch world view. He is also expected to advantageously lead the battle situation through a strong room in the medium-distance.

The massive heroist will also proceed. It is an explanation that it is designed in the direction of making the conventional hero’s identity and the balance and combat is more fun.

On the 22nd, Jeff Goodman Blizzard Senior Heroes on the video interview with designers and shared more specific stories.

** Under the answer,

Jeff Goodman Senior Hero Designer

\ – The first time, there was a duplication that implies the launch from the past, such as emerging in animation. Is there a special reason for presenting the first hero of ‘Overwatch 2’?

The first time I have been thinking that I want to be quite for a long time. He is a character that plays a role in overwatch 2 entire stories. He thought he would like to see the first as a good leader.

\ – What is the identity of the ‘Embellage’ that developers think, and what is the most important thing when designing the first time?

Everything That's Changed in Overwatch 2 (All Hero Changes)
In general, two factors are considered when developing new heroes. Relationship between the role and other heroes in the world view. The little presence acts as a leader and a commander, and the characteristics themselves are planned and executed. In actual play, this personality melted well.

The little presence uses a railing that see a big gain according to the hit rate. Careful play.

\ – The movement of the first time is fast, and it seems to be a big difference depending on the use of the player. I wonder if the player’s ability to be considered during the hero design, it is a hero designed based on a certain level (which is a level of level).

It is also a part that is troubled when planning and making a new hero. In the case of the Widow Maker or Tracer, the proficiency is a high performance when a high proficiency is handled. The same is true. If you have a good time and hit rates, you can use it well and you need a proficiency. Typical players are highly valuable because they vary through other skills.

Is there a combination of recommended heroes with a prevalence?

When the opponent team is scattered in many groups, it is tricked to the first time. In this case, it is possible to use a luggage, such as a set of assault heroes such as a set of library, or flavor, making it easier to use the reagan. With the nano enhancer, a deadly damage may also be included.

\ – Soldier 76 ‘and the concept of the concept of the concept are similar to the community. I wonder what it is difficult to create a character that looks similar to the view, but what is worrying. I also wonder if there is any difference compared to Soldier 76.

There is a common point, but the play direction is largely largely different. Soldier 76 is a hit scan, while the basic firing is a hit scan, while the birth rate is slow and the aid shooting is slow and fast.

Both characters are in common that they can damage large damage as a mid-range hero. If you play directly, you will be able to feel that the little and Soldier 76 are greatly different. There is also a difference in ‘power slide’. You can move the notice quickly like a trace.

\ – I heard that the first time I had a commander’s experience as a background story. From Overwatch 2, a new overwatch is expected to work on the activity, which is what to do to configure these new ‘overwatch’?

It is difficult to disclose a lot of content in this place, but it is a key role. It takes up a lot of weights in the world view.

** \ – What is the hero that the mechanism is the greatest via heroist? 5 VS 5 is reorganized in 5 way, and is applied to the re-work, it is wondering if there is a hero that has a higher operating difficulty,

Organa is expected to be the greatest. It is not even if it was born again as a new hero for new abilities and new weapons. As the hero reorganization progresses, the part of the main point is to take a unique feeling.

Organa was a hero that was difficult to keep the assistant camp and reed to reed. Through new abilities, the game play itself will be a different point.

Because it depends on the proficiency, it is difficult to judge whether play is difficult, but it is certainly different. Users who play an existing overwatch may require some time to adapt. There are many changes in addition to the new format of 5 to 5. The barrier was much less than before. The ability of barriers was adjusted through Orissa reorganization. Line Hart was also adjusted. In the attack, it is necessary to find an easy attack direction, but it is also necessary to find a new way.

\ – I wonder the overall keynote of the heroist. Overall, it is a feeling that utilize utilities and battlefield utilization rather than% of damage. I wonder if the hero resolution or balance adjustment is also applied to the right now.

Each hero is different for purposes. A wide range of goals are all users who play overall users or opponents. Dumephist, Orisa, and Bastion were tricky. The more we change to Bastion-centric meta and have fun. I changed the design so that play is fun without being too tricky while proceeding this reorganization.

\ – Doomfist The role itself has changed through this river. The attack role is a hero who was a big popular hero, and there’s a player who is sorry about the change, and what is the crucial reason to change the role?

There was not much to change herself itself. The initial support hero is a trial that is about to be about to be. The Doomfist was carefully approached because of a lot of love attacks that have been loved. One of the overall changes is to reduce the crowd control skills. I needed a lot of skill change to leave as an attack hero and had a role change as a different idea. As a result, we changed the role in the direction of saving various crowd controllers. Attacking hero is a direction to change to the assault hero, but it is the direction to maintain the identity. Thoughts can also play a role of tankers, but they can also role the past assault hero.

\ – I said that in the last developer image, the assault role is not simply to prevent damage to the harvest. Looking at the reward of this ‘Orissa’, we got a strong attack ability instead of the assistant supporter, which can be said that this is the direction of the role in the future?

The biggest philosophy of Overwatch 2 is to prevent the assault heroes from using too defensive skills. Rhinecht-Orissa combinations are difficult to deal with, and they are slowly slowed on the barrier recharge, and now the assault role group is expected to be reduced to one, so the tempo itself is also faster. Line Hart wanted to make it change to take advantage of a more aggressive play. However, if the game service persists, someday can be a defensive meta.

\ – ‘Bastion’ is a resource that can be moved in boundary mode. I was a hero that was relatively sensitive to the usual balance patch, and I wonder if the moment you solved the moving constraint that you can see from the penalty of performance

Bastion was tricky to balance. It is a big penalty that I can not move, but the impact was changed according to the proficiency. While the tier was high, it was difficult to choose, while the power was significant in low tier. Through this reorganization, identity and theme are decided to take as it can take the speed of movement.

\ – ‘Sombra’ has received only a buff without penalty, such as a reduction of hacking cooldown, no hacking, and 60% increase in hacking. As a result, the low thermal power that is pointed out as the usual disadvantage is to be significantly affected by the balance, but do not you have a special reason for the rewinding of the disadvantage to the other heroes?

I wanted to highlight strength rather than eliminating weaknesses. This is because all weaknesses are likely to become leveling. Sombra was a direction to reduce the crowd control skill. Although it was also considered to delete the ability to invalidate the ability of the opponent, I did not save the strength of the Sombraman. Currently, no invalidation is 4 to 5 seconds, but the new sombra is 1 to 2 seconds. I adjusted the duration of the sudden time and took the identity of Sombra as it is. The duration was reduced, but it can be effective when utilizing technology strategically well.

** \ – The newly started overwatch league has been deleted by the occupation map.

Overwatch was trying to improve the negative feedback as much as possible. Some modes or maps received feedback that improvements are needed. There were some adjustments to ensure that existing battlefields melted well into the environment of overwatch 2. New structures and passages have occurred, and the entrance is wide.

\ – One word to Korean players

Thank you for your long waiting for you. More development speeds are longer than expected, and more aggressive updates will proceed. I have a lot of part that I did not disclose in this place, but I prepared a rich content.