Overwatch 2 – Sojourn: Exclusive Alpha Closed Skills and Prints

Overwatch 2 is the expensive sequel to Blizzard Hero Shooter who changed videogames in a multitude of planes such as competitive, casual and even content creators, cosplayers and fans to fanart. For a few years the project has been being developed and now we already know all its novelties.

Perhaps the most important is the arrival of sojourn , the new heroin of the game that will debut in the sequel. This Canadian Overwatch agent became captain of the organization, and she was already in several cinematic and content. She is called by Winston and will appear in this sequel along with the map of the Natal Canada of her.

In MGG Spain we have been able to play the first alpha phase of the title and Sojourn is one of the characters that were available. We tell you all the skills of it and we will give you our opinion of this new heroin from Overwatch 2.

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all SOJOURN skills

Our closed alpha prints

Thanks to what we have been able to try sojourn in the closed Alfa of Overwatch 2 we have the impression that she will become one of the most enjoyable characters of the game. After games, it becomes evident that it is about a new updated version of Soldier 76 , a much more mobile and with more skill roof.

The automatic shot of it is the playable basis, one that will appreciate the casual players. The basic skills of it, as are the shoot immobilizer and the shooting alternative of the gun, do not stop influencing the pure aim of the player to determine the success of it. The important issue is the maneuver evasive , which combined with the jump, can be a tool that makes the good sojournals of the normal differentiate. Similarly, the mechanics of loading the weapon that unlocks the alternative shot and modifies the damage of it, it is another way to create something _ “Easy to Play, Hard to Master” _ faithful to the Philosophy of Blizzard.

With Supercarga What we have is an empowerment of Sojourn so that it becomes a first level offensive tool. Although it can potentially do much more damage when shooting from followed and be able to chain several very harmful alternative shots, she also becomes a “glass cannon”. This means that he keeps holding the same, that it is not too much, and the player is encouraged to expose more to take advantage of the skill.

Although the champion will become one of those who will play yes or yes in our games for their accessibility and how well it is controlled, the reality is that it does not bring any revolutionary mechanics to overwatch 2. It feels rather as the last hero in arriving To Overwatch, which as it opens a stage in Overwatch 2.