PS5-Leak: New hardware should appear as intended later

So far, the rumor kitchen assumed that the PSVR2 already appears at the end of 2022. However, new information has appeared that suggest that the start of the new VR hardware for the PS5 is shifted to 2023.

PSVR2 should be published only 2023

Sony has been working on the PSVR2 for quite some time. First technical specifications have already been officially published, but a targeted release date did not call the Group so far yet.

PS5 Leaked!

In the summer of last year, there were already initial insider information that pointed out that the new VR headset is to stand on time for the Christmas business in 2022 in the shops – but it may not be anything.

On Twitter, Ross Young announced Managing Director of Display Supply Chain Consultants, that Sony had shifted his upcoming VR device to 2023 :

He does not give reasons for the delay. However, the expected increase in sales of VR displays in 2022 suggests that there may not be enough production capacity available to operate the demand for starting in 2022 (Source: DisplaySupplyChain).

Sony’s new VR headset is intended to provide a higher display, revised controller and a new form of headTracking, which works without additional camera. In addition, the glasses should be much easier and more compact than their predecessor.

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What about the PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro?

After all, while Sony has already shared first information about the PSVR2 with the public, the company wraps in silence when it comes to the topic of PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro **.

_This features are still missing for the PS5: _

At the moment you assume that the Slim version goes to the start at the earliest 2023. The PRO variant with more hardware power could appear one year later. This is the current time but merely speculation.