4.0 Update 4.0 of Battlefield 2042, Full Patch Notes: IP Voice, Rating Table

Battlefield 2042 has been asking for an update for time and it seems that it is finally here. He says and EA have published all the details of the version 4.0 of the game and we tell you all their novelties.

Among all the additions, at last, the inclusion of IP voice chat between the patrols . In addition, a new scoreboard has also been added at the end of each round and numerous errors have been corrected to favor the experience.

News Update 4.0 Battlefield 2042

Are These Changes Enough? Battlefield 2042 Patch 4.0 Notes

  • IP Voice : Voice IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now available at Battlefield 2042. There are two voice chat channels that can be chosen: patrol or group. IP Voice settings can be found in Options> Sound> Voice chat.
  • Score Table : In the update 3.3 the UI of the score table was updated. With this new update, the score table will also be available at the end of the round.
  • Changes and correction of errors : This update contains hundreds of changes and corrections of errors thanks to the comments of the community, the most relevant changes to the accessories, corrections when reviving near objects, corrections to equipment And corrections for players who could not point to the sights after leaving a vehicle. Check the full list in the Notes of the Patch 4.0 on the Official Battlefield page.

As indicated in the official statement, next month there will be a new update that will focus on improving the quality of life and correcting prior errors to the launch of season 1.