Schultz: Feeling five points less

Of course you had on St. Pauli in the run-up to the performance of Tables-15. More hoped for as a 1: 1, even if it was the failure of the perhaps best offensive attendant Daniel-Kofi Kyereh to cope with. For this, the best scorer of the team, Guido Burgstaller, came in appearance after five games without a hit once again in appearance and achieved from the penalty point the meantime 1: 0. In the live! Table, the 18th goal of the season of the Austrian was synonymous with the spreadsheet.

St. Pauli sets offensive after awarded Hartel chance

Marcel Hartel would have had to achieve the preliminary decision 2: 0 shortly after the break, but failed at the sand houses Keeper Patrick Drewes. Then St. Pauli almost completely set his offensive efforts and switched into administrative mode. With a narrow 1: 0 guidance, of course, a risky project.

Best of Guido Burgstaller

The receipt followed in the detention time when the Sandhäuser Janik Bachmann carried by header to the 1: 1 final score and at the same time repressed St. Pauli again from the top of the table. Instead of two points ahead of Schalke and Bremen now there is a tender. However, S04 (in Darmstadt) and Werder (Against Nuremberg) can reply on Sunday.

“In the end, you have a point more on the account, but felt five less,” said FCSP coach Timo Schultz with a touch of sarcasm if the parent chance in place 1. However, this was still not everything that displeases the 44-year-old had. Schultz also criticized a variety of technical errors also lack of concentration and above all the body language of his players. “That was punished,” said the 44-year-old.

Schultz finds clear words: So “we have no chance”

Also because of the extremely demanding residual program of the Kiez-Hartel chance, Schultz ‘fell so clear. “With the performance of today we have no chance in the top matches!” St. Pauli now plays successively against Darmstadt, Nuremberg and on Schalke.