Clear “Dark Soul 3” this time by prohibiting walking! Dont do it here

There are many people who have a lot of games in various attempts such as RTA in the world, and Ymfah, who is one of such a player, “Prohibited walking” PC version “ Dark Seoul III ” We posted the movie to be cleared to YouTube.

This work is one of the familiar high difficulty action games in the Seoul series. YMFAH does not use WASD key and left stick as a basic rule, and moving is attacking motion, orientation change with a bow or other time to play with enemy lock on. It is validated even if it is unreasonable, and it has been edited in commacartitions. Even if Ochi is known on the way, thanks to this editing, it will laugh with fluffy, so it is finished enough to look as a movie work.

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At the time of trial and error, even though the heart is likely to break, finally, I feel a great thing in the obsession of YMFAH, which is a mess. He also cleared “Sky Rim (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)” in “Walking Prohibition”, and a number of unique commanded play videos, such as clearing “Dark Soul II” in “Confidential” Posted. If you are interested, check the YouTube channel and follow the trajectory of his fight?