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Fortnite without constructions: How long will we be without building?

With the new season of Fornite and the disappearance of constructions in the game, now the fans of the Battle Royale of Epic Games are separated from those who want the mode without construction last forever and those who ask themselves until when we will be unubstructed.

When will the construction be back to fortnite?

According to the files extracted by the dataminers of fortnite , the change in the dynamics of the season to enable construction will be made sooner than we believed. If the filtration is true, we can build as of March 29.

It is unknown if the construction will return to fortnite in a limited format, for example with some types of concrete structures that are expanding little by little, or if the game will again let us build as we did before the change.

Fortnite Will KEEP No-Building In The Game! (Will NO BUILDING Stay In Fortnite?)

Can we continue playing modes without construction?

Next to the aforementioned filtration, others have also arrived that seem to indicate that there will be modes without construction permanent, but Epic Games has not confirmed that those are their definitive plans or offered tracks about what it plans for the next few weeks.

Another reason to believe in the future in this way without construction in fortnite is that the messages of some load screens speak of “_The modes in which they have the enabled construction”, which seems to indicate that the modes Without construction, they are within the EPIC plans.

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