Guide Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: Autumn Splendor (ENTER THE HORDE) – Event “Shades of Violet Garden”

The Genshin Impact event “Shades of the Purple Garden” opens the Andanzum for the rest of the Taivat with the help of the magnificent Gerodor’s festival. It works from from April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022. and open for all players Adventure rank 30 and above which completed Eugene Plan Archont Search Segment: Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eutemy.

If you have not fulfilled the story quests of the character of Inadzum, you must access the event from fast start button in the lower left corner of the event menu.

how to unlock theater machine

The Theater Mechanicus mini-game can be unlocked by following the event. What left blue flowers . This directly follows the strange fairy tale about the tincture of Suikou’s Tipsy Tincture.

Unlike previous iterations Theater Mechanicus, the mechanics of this round is slightly different. The joint mode is no longer allowed, and Mystic Arts is replaced by Fortune Sticks, which cannot be improved. At each stage there is a simple mode (demonstration of force) and complex mode (entry into the Horde).

how to perform autumn splendor (entry into the Horde)

wands good luck

You can use any Fortune Stick that you like, but here are some recommended options to take advantage of Elemental Mechanici and Tandem Mines:

  • Good luck wand: swelling

  • Fortune Stick: Fire Sphere
  • Good luck wand: Lighthouse
  • Good luck stick: torch
  • Wand good luck: flame
  • Fortune Stick: Continuous Case
  • Fortune Stick: Weak Thunder
  • Fortune Stick: Election

Accommodation mechanics

The placement of Mechanici at this stage is pretty simple, but you need pay attention to your Veneficus glasses , as you need to build several towers as soon as you get enough. This strategy will bring you the highest assessment of 3000 points and does not require the involvement of a character to assist in the use of elementary reactions.

First, start with the removal of all existing Mechanici. Then place two tandem mines, pyro gear and hydro mechanus on the left and right side – their exact position is shown above. Mechanics should be placed next to the hole in the center, and mines must be placed on the external edges. You will have enough VENEFICUS glasses only to put them at the beginning, so start the wave as soon as you finish.

Theater Mechanicus Easy Guide | Stage of Brilliance: Autumnal Resplendence |【Genshin Impact】
As soon as you accumulate 100 points Veneficus, place Pyro Mechanicus from behind. Follow the same scheme until the entire rear line is filled with two other Cryo Mechanici. Three mechanics must be placed in inner edge near the hole .

After that, focus your attention on the front. As soon as you gain another 100 points Veneficus, place one crack shot on inner edge near the opening . Do the same for the second Crack Shot next to it. The third Crack shot in the center has the smallest priority. Keep in mind that the enemies will sometimes destroy the average crack shot, so just restore it when possible.

Familiarize yourself with our Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: Autumnal Resplendence – Hues of the Violet Garden Event to pass the easier version of this stage.