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Ubisoft Sägt shooter AB: NFF

After almost three years Ubisoft finishes work at the Open World Shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint. A abrupt end to the game that the game was used a few months ago as a trial caninally for the Publisher’s NFT plans.

No further updates for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

In the three years after release, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has experienced some heights and depths . Now, however, the beginning seems to have come from the end. The Official Twitter account announces that no new updates will follow. However, the servers should still remain active.

Shortly after the launch of Breakpoint in 2019, the Ubisoft shooter came into criticism. The focus on Loot was not good for fans of the tactic shooter series. In 2020, the developers were able to travel the leaf with the Ghost-Experience update but again and recover many fans.

Ubisoft Shooter was selected for NFT experiment

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Even though more than two years of support for Ghost Recon Breakpoint are certainly not a bad balance, the last update has just returned to displeasure. The shooter was selected by ubisoft to sell the new platform Ubisoft Quartz NFTs to players. This new type of microtransactions come in the form of helmets, pants and weapons on which a unique code is engraved. The big advantage of non-fungible tokens is that they can theoretically be sold again.