Microsoft warning: behind license

Even before data theft make tricker no hold. For calls from supposed Microsoft Support, experts advise to be vigilant.

Bremen (dpa) – When the phone rings and someone in broken German or English claims to work for Microsoft Support, you should be alert. The safest variant is equal. Because trickbreakers are always trying to get more frequent personal information on their own computer. The consumer center Bremen warns against ripage calls.

Microsoft rip-off: trick fraud over the phone – criminals want to get to the personal data

Cancel calls of supposed technical support employees of Microsoft are by no means new. However, the stitch is used again and again with changing numbers, because scammers can be quite sure that a Windows computer stands in almost every household.

This is the psychological door opener for the criminals, if they are mistakenly claimed, the calculator of the called or called virus-visualized or licenses for Microsoft products are supposedly expired. Here are the imagination no limits.

No matter what callers tell or what is in news that you get sent: Without the consent of his clients, Microsoft calls neither nor send the company e-mails, explain the consumer protectors. There are no personal information on the phone, certainly no bank details.

Microsoft rip-off: Finish rip-off calls immediately – perpetrators try with threats

If someone does not get the same, the criminals have already achieved a partial success. Because they want to engage the called in a conversation and hold in the line. Not only to get to sensitive information, but also to bring your victim to install a remote maintenance software. They do not hurt back from threats, but of which one should not be intimidated.

Once a remote maintenance software is on the computer, it is possible for the scans to turn it free to switch and switch it: You can install malware such as Trojans, sket data, and lock or encrypt the device to enclose money from the user for sharing. Therefore, according to the consumer center: Downloading nothing, do not install anything – neither on computers nor tablets or smartphones.

Microsoft rip-off: Fraud over the phone immediately contact the police

Who has data released or installed software, should show the fraud in the police, the consumer guards advise. It is important that you have noted the name of the alleged caller, the name of the (alleged) company, date and time as well as the priority of the call and the phone number of the caller (more to digital at make tricker).

With the same information can and should be harassing calls, but also unauthorized advertising calls at the Federal Network Agency. You can lock about phone numbers or even prove companies with penalties. Through supposed e-mail of financial supervision, criminals also try to push their fraud victims to transfers.

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