Asmongold explains why Lootboxes should be banned

The subject of Lootboxes has been a wide range of discussions about video games for many years. Because – wonders, oh wonder – the principle of offering random content against real money is the perfect breeding ground for unscrupulous behavior of gaming operators and even financial ruin in players. Asmongold, the popular Twitch streamer, has rejected again and also emphasizes the problem around Lootboxes: people do not care how many evidence there is that they are bad.

Lootboxes prohibit – that wishes asmongold

“I think that this must be regulated by the government. For I do not think people will ever be able to control themselves” , he emphasizes. _ “Games of gambling have been a way to lose your money, and people are still doing today. Although there were cases of ‘Hey, that’s bad for thousands of years, that’s not good, that’s harming you is terrible ‘gives, people still do. “ His requirement is clear: _ ” Lootboxes should be illegal. “ _ Already in the past, rules for Lootboxes were introduced on external pressure – approximately transparency The drop rates of content . In Belgium Lootboxes are even recognized as a gambling. For example, in Guild Wars 2, some Lootbox content (such as Blacklöwen Keys) are therefore locked for Belgian players in the shop – you can only get them in the game.

Loot Boxes Are GAMBLING! Asmongold Reacts To Jim Sterling On

The statements come from this video:

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Lootboxes are only part of the problem according to Asmongold. It also bothers immense in Ingame currencies for shops that disguise the issued real money amount when buying content. _ “I think it should not be allowed currencies in video games that can be converted into real money without the dollar amount be displayed next to it.” _ The problem is on hand: _ “I find it incredibly declining that companies secondary currencies Create, which serve to disguise and nebulize the decryption of expenses to bring players to spend more money. “_

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