Ubisoft: Quartz NFTS will be supported in other games in the future

Only in December Ubisoft presented his Quartz NFT platform, which allows players to act so-called digits. These unique equipment are currently only available for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. However, further games will soon be supported by Quartz.

Ubisoft Quartz: Announce Trailer | Playable NFTs!

On the official website, Ubisoft now thanks all buyers: “Thanks to all players from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, who bought their first digits. You now own part of the game and have left your traces in its history. After the last Digit was released on March 17, 2022, you may be looking forward to further updates, even for other games. “

Meanwhile, another Digit was published on 17 April. Although the Player community did not show enthusiastically about Quartz and NFTs in general, more great publishers such as Konami and Square Enix will be able to use blockchains and crypto currencies in their most important games.