Hello Kitty chases! Battle game for smartphone “Sanrio Characters Miracle Match” announced

Sanrio announces the game “ Sanrio Characters Miracle Match ” for smartphones that the popular characters of the company, such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Pom Pomplin chase in the magic world. We started accepting pre-registration.

Hello Kitty Characters
In this work, it is divided into challenger and hunter, challenger will escape until the time limit (the captured companion is helped), and the hunter catches all the challengers within the time limit. Matches with players across the country in real time, and you can fight with your team with your favorite character. Also, it is possible to change the characters and play.


# # [Hunter]

  • Kuromi “Athai Meeting Meeting!”

  • Bad Tatsumarumaru “To to! I will not catch it!”

  • Goro & Pica & Don “I’ll catch everyone of the challenger!”

  • Other, Berry, Cherry, Child, Pandaba etc

# # [Challenger]

  • Hello Kitty “Because I can’t wait!”

  • Cina Morol “If you’re caught, let’s go because you go to Take!”

  • My Melody “Melody Do your best? Everyone, please don’t you?”

  • Pom Pomplin “I’m going to do it! Good luck, do your best!”

  • Pecccus “I do my best to escape until the end!”

  • Kerokero Rippi “Everybody beat the hunter team together ☆”

  • Han Gyodon “Let’s do our best together with the challenger!”

  • Other, Kiki, Lara, Mimi, Daniel, Tuxedo Som, Mocha, Capucino, Chiffon, Espresso, Shiroi, Kurosu, Mys Wheat Piano, Little Forest Fello, Wish Memel, etc.

“Sanrio Characters Miracle Match” for the atmosphere such as the Peace Version of the popular game is scheduled to start service June 2022 for iPhone / Android. Pre-registration to the start of delivery will be presented to receive in-game items.