Wargaming of “World of Tanks” is entirely withdrawn from Belarus and Russia in the foundation

Wargaming revealed to withdraw from business in Russia and Belarus on April 4. The company’s business in both countries has been transferred to Lesta Studio on March 31st.

Wargaming is a game company that develops and operates “World of Tanks” and “World of Warships”. The company was founded at Minsk of Belarus and is now based in Cyprus. According to this announcement, the company transfers a business in Russia and Belarus to Lesta Studio (formerly Wargaming Saint Petersburg) on March 31. Since then, Wargaming is completely withdrawal from businesses in both countries, and the company’s game operation is continued by Lesta Studio.

Wargaming is leaving Belarus and Russia! What will this mean for World of Tanks Players?

LESTA STUDIO, which takes over business in Russia and Belarus, is based in Russian St. Petersburg. The founding was in 1991 and was under the Wargaming umbrella in 2011, and the development of “World of Warships” was established. According to the announcement, the company is no longer a wargaming (no longer affiliated) company. Also, companies (perhaps pointing to Wargaming) are not profitable from this transfer process, and losses are expected rather. In response to Ukrainian invasion by Russia, even if you understand the Umbrella studio and 袂, we have decided to take a distance from Russia and the country to take a distance from Bellarus.

Wargaming has clarified the posture of Ukraine support as a company since the war. On March 1, Wargaming Kiyv, a Wargaming’s country base, donates $ 1 million to Ukraine Red Cross. In addition, there were events such as Wargaming staff staff who posted Russian support statements on SNS (related articles). Some of this withdrawal will be the intention to clarify your company’s standing position as a widely baseed company, including Russia. In addition, economic sanctions to Russia and Belarus will also have difficulties such as funding across the nation. As a corporate company based in Cyprus, it can be seen that there is also a side that makes the game operation in Russia and Belarus difficult. Such division that emits the end of the war will continue in the future?