Lost ARK: unlock Brahms

From a certain point in Lost Ark , you will release the seafaring . In addition to a start ship, there are other boats to get hold of. One of them is the Brahms and in this guide you will learn:

  • Why the Brahms are worthwhile
  • How to get the ship
  • Which the best ship is in Lost Ark

You prefer to stand on firm ground? Then uses a riding for your trips. Here we tell you what free mounts it in Lost Ark.

That’s why the Brahms are worthwhile

The oceans are a dangerous place in Lost Ark. In addition to ghost ships and other enemies, the thunderous lake or even hurricanes can provide a fast carer of your boat.

The Brahms has many advantages over your launch ship. First of all, his resistance . Rich 15 points has the ship opposite the sea of the dead. And with 30 resistance points at the Siren Sea, the Brahms has the highest value of all ships.

How do I get the Brahms?

The Brahms is pretty easy to get. Travels to the island Lopang east of north-vern or south of the island of Pleccia. Here you have to do the following:

  • Ends all side quests.
  • Increases your call to the fourth stage with Unas tasks.
  • By reaching the fourth level, you automatically receive the melody of the seas: Brahms.
  • Uses the melody of the seas and the Brahms is added to your fleet.

Lost Ark - Ship Guide | How To Unlock 'Brahms' - Quick & Easy Guide

Alternatives to Brahms

Although the Brahms has a high durability, but it is also one of the slowest ships in Lost Ark. Who likes it faster, should look for the astray – she is the fastest boat in the game. But since the Astray is difficult to get, you can secure the two-connect ship with our guide, the EURUS.

If, on the other hand, if you are traveling in the different seas, you attack Estoque . The cran is the perfect all-rounder thanks to 20 points in all resistance areas.

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