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In Zelda: BOTW broke only normal weapons, in BOTW 2 even the master sword

The Zelda fans know them: the discussion about fragile weapons in Breath of the Wild. The one loves the thrill if the sword can cut in combat into a thousand parts, the others just find the mechanics annoying. Her roofing, the master sword was sublimated about this discussion? Well, wrong thought. The newly shown short video to the Breath of the Wild-Sequel presents us a broken master sword and as long as we can not rewind it yet, forging fans before theories.

Video shows broken master sword

That’s why it’s: The said video material was yesterday as an addition to the announcement that the publication of Breath of the Wild 2 is postponed to 2023. There was no lot to see, but that was shown in itself:

Scene shows broken master sword: Link takes the master sword from his back and we can clearly see that it may be destroyed, melted or corrupted by a dark power. And let’s enjoy aside – certainly this video has nothing to do with weapons holding, but rather with the story that expects us in BotW 2.

Here you can see the scene yourself:

In our hub you will receive all known information about the game:

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Fans discussing meaning

On Reddit, fans with speculation overbead over what could cause the damage which task is link and which old acquaintances could be from the game.

What happened to the master sword? Ign.com also reminds that we could see in an earlier trailer, how to record the left arm of Malice and speculates whether the master sword was corrupted. In addition, that could be the reason that link carries a bracelet or prosthesis.

What could we do with the master sword (Attention, follow small spoilers to old Zelda games)? A reddit user named Zeldatrid has an idea:

I’ll call it out now. The title will be something like “curse of the sword” and we finally end the Demise / Ganon cycle.


Eiji Aonuma EXPLAINS WHY the Master Sword is Broken in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel
That was literally what I wanted to say next! Neusimmuning the blade becomes the main objective of the game to kill Ganon / Demise final.

Possible connection to Skyword Sword: A reddit user named Ratio01 reminds the new scene at something else:

This reminds me extremely on the second half of Skyward Sword, as the sword of the goddess dipped into the Holy Flames to make it the master sword.

That raises the question of whether there is a reunion with the goddess Hylia in the successor to Breath of the Wild, and whether she could help you to bring the master sword in order again – or even to a new yet unknown strength Do you help? Until the release 2023 we will certainly receive a few more information.

Are you asked now: What do you think, it has it with the state of the master’s die on himself and what do you think of the mentioned fan theories?