Final fantasy xiv

A new full-scale fantasy writer will give birth to the From work-Play history such as “Kings Field”

Full-fledged fantasy writer Brandon Sandusten showed the motivation to be involved in the Full Software work project at its own live streaming.

Mr. Sandusten is a fierce feature fantasy novel “Time wheels”, and in the past, it is a writer who has experienced a newcomer award for two consecutive years.

In the past, despite the “Elden Ring” development, despite the “Elden Ring” development, despite the “Elden Ring” development, “George (· R · R · Martin) has not played the game! There was also a scene to fly jokes.

During the streaming published on March 30, he reported that “Elden Ring” promotion goods and notes have been received from Bandai Namco. Although the contents of the memo were not released, Mr. Sandusten said, “They (Bandai Namco) seems to want to work with me.

Furthermore, he also has the concept of Soulsborne (such as the “Seoul” series and “Bloodborne” and “Bloodborne”) with respect to this matter.

In addition, when the staff who was in the field was “I’m sorry I hired George instead of (at that time), Mr. Sanduston commented that” he should have been George. ” By the way, this promotion factory is a valuable product that is only a part of the industry-related parties, unlike commercial collector’s boxes.