Moon Knight is suffering from the Review Bombing

Last Wednesday March 30, Moon Knight series exclusively reached Disney + . The project starring Oscar Isaac had a very mixed reception between critics, but fans are making it pieces on the portal IMDB , where it currently has a non-defense of negative qualifications due to a scene in particular.

When visiting the page of Moon Knight at IMDB We will find that the series has thousands of qualifications of one and two stars, and the vast majority of them are not entirely justified. Apparently, people are doing Review Bombing because the series mentions the massacre by the Armenian Holocaust that was carried out from 1915 to 1923.

Moon Knight: Series Premiere Review

At the moment, neither Marvel nor Disney have been pronounced in this regard and considering that the scene in question is not of vital importance for the story of the show, in one of those could eliminate it to appease the fans, although this already sounds As something more complicated especially because there will not be a second season, so they do not have much to worry about.

Editor’s note: After having seen the first episode, it is clear that the series has potential but it was disappointed a little that this chapter has not had much relevance in terms of narrative in general. He served to introduce us to these characters, but considering that we are talking about a limited series, I found it a little wasted.