Kirby: origin, history and curiosities of the most famous pink ball in the world

The Ancient Origins Of Kirby's Hats UNCOVERED! | Culture Shock
Kirby It takes many years with us, from its first delivery to Game Boy and with a cover in which it came out of white. We did not know what came over later. A unique character, who thanks to the ability to transform and absorb skills from it hGame Boy been converted for a long time into the perfect test bench to offer originality and sympathy to equal parts.

Kirby is synonymous with probatures, experimentation, surprises. The series hGame Boy always changed Game Boy its own protagonist to offer new mechanics to each more entertaining. Now, with Kirby and the forgotten land Being a real ball, we take the controls of Memory Card to recover the story of an iconic character that almost never fails.

With Juan ArenGame Boy and Rubén Vázquez , we took off to another retro trip to meet surprises, details and much more Kirby, the most friendly pink ball in the world.

And if then you stay wanting more, here you have our top of Kirby’s best games. It will be updated…