World Cup 2022: Official fears attacks due to rainbow flags in Qatar

A catari security manager has pronounced against the show of rainbow flags at the World Cup in Qatar – because he fears possible attacks.

If a fan “shows the rainbow banner, and I take it away, this does not happen because I really want to take her to insult it, but to protect him,” said Generalmajor Abdulasis Abdullah Al Ansari of the news agency “AP”. “Because I’m not, someone could attack him. I can not guarantee the behavior of all people. And I’ll tell him,” Please, there is no reason to show the flag here “.”

Al Ansari is, among other things, the chairman of the National Terrorism Contributing Committee in the Katarian Ministry of the Interior. The rainbow banner stands worldwide as a symbol of the acceptance of sexual and sexual variety.

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Homosexuality in Qatar prohibited

The World Cup host Qatar is not only because of the human rights situation and the conditions for foreign workers in the criticism of international organizations. Amnesty International had finally assessed that women as well as lesbian, gays, bisexual, trans- and interlocking people (LGBTI +) “would continue to be discriminated against by law and daily life. Homosexuality is prohibited in Qatar legally.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently said, “Everyone will see that everyone is welcome here in Qatar, even if we talk about LGBTQ +.” The FIFA had emphasized in the past that rainbow flags were allowed in the stadium. The Catal World Cup organizers stated that they would respect guidelines of the World Association in this regard.

Al Ansari said he did not recommend LGBTI + fans to stay away from Qatar. “Bay a room together, sleeping together, that’s something that does not concern us,” he said. Who wants to demonstrate his views to the LGBTI situation, should do that in a society “in which this is accepted”.