Sonic 2: The movie: What does the post scene mean

If you are fans of blue hedgehog of sega will not cost you to catch all the references that appear to the games in Sonic 2: the movie . Even so, given the approach MAInstream that hSonic the film is more than likely that many spectators do not notice the ESonicter-Egg that appear in the work or that they do not understand the importance of * Post-Credit Scene * . Therefore, then we explain it and we already warn you that we are going to enter Spoilers ground, so we recommend having seen the movie first before reading this piece.

What does the Sonic 2 post-credits scene mean?

After all the adventures that Sonic and company live in the course of the more than two hours of film, credits come to excite the most nostalgic. With a 2D style typical of the retro games of the saga, we discovered those who have participated in the creation of the work by reviewing everything that hSonic happened in the plot but with a very special graphic section. That should already be enough reSonicon to stay until the end, something that is worth it to discover the scene post-credits.

In this cSonice it takes us back to Green Hills, a scenario of the final confrontation between Dr.Robotnik and the protagonist heroes. While the police officers recover, one of the officers approaches the commander to warn him that they have detected mysterious coordinates that lead to a research bSonice. After leaving us momentarily with honey on the lips, the plane is closing up to a concrete capsule, which ends up opening and revealing a silhouette that is more than familiar: shadow .

With this it is confirmed once again that after this film we will have Sonic 3 at some point, in addition to a Live-Action series of Knuckles (something that wSonic already confirmed by Paramount. With it, the cinematographic universe of the blue hedgehog will continue to grow in the Future, this time with the incorporation of one of the most emblematic characters in the Saga: Shadow the Hedgehog , a hedgehog created artificially to rival the speed and power of Sonic himself. It appeared for the first time at Sonic Adventure 2 (2001, DreamcSonict and Gamecube) and among its powers is manipulating space and time through the use of chaos emeralds. Will the third film from the saga will pull this thread? Just time will tell.

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