Children could sue Nintendo by Joy

Since the launch of the switch in 2017, Nintendo has had to constantly deal with demands caused by the infamous drift of the Joy-with. Five years later, the GREAT N It still does not have found a solution to this problem, and the demands continue and continue to arrive. Now, a group of parents and lawyers are determining if it is possible that children can also sue the Japanese firm for this, or not.

It happens that two mothers bought a switch for their children, and eventually, their joy-with began to suffer from drift. These ladies wanted to sue Nintendo , but Great N argues that at the time they bought the console, they lost the right to sue them because they already signed a user license agreement Final, ** which prohibits them from carrying out any type of legal action against the company.

How A Child Sued Nintendo

This forced them to think about a solution, and occurred to them to involve their children in the case because, being minors, they can not accept or legally sign up. But on the other hand, Nintendo says that they can not sue them because they did not buy the console directly.

When being at a crossroads, both mothers attended a group of lawyers, which submitted the case before the Federal Court of California who in turn are already investigating it to determine a possible solution.

Editor’s Note: It seems that Nintendo has already surrendered with the theme of the drift, and we will have to get used to dealing with him in what remains of the life cycle of this console. Apparently, the joy-they arrived next to the OLED are much more resistant to this, but it has never been possible to prove one hundred percent.