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When the servers EUW LEAGUE OF LEGENDS will come back

European fans of League of Legends may have noticed that classified servers pushed them problems when trying to connect to the game. For the moment, classified games are offline and players have access to any of these games, and more. While Riot works there, there is little information about what will happen next.

Misconceptions of the Chinese Super Server (League of Legends)

The cause of this problem is unknown. If you access the help page directly, there is little information about the cause of this problem. Fortunately, Riot is aware of the problem. Although we are aware of the problem, there is no precise moment when these problems will be corrected, and classified games will come back online.

What’s worse is that this feature has been disabled, other features are also disabled, such as normal games, custom tool and even drive mode. If you hope to play a regular game in the meantime or do something else in the League of Legends app in Europe, you are unlucky.

We will update this page when Riot will publish more details and provide information about exactly how long we can expect to stay down. Everything is outstanding, apart from the fact that Riot is actively working on a hotfix to bring things back to normal.