The new generation version of Apex Legends arrives today

The BEST Thing Apex Ever Added Back! - Apex Legends Season 12
Respawn has announced that the new generation version of Apex Legends will be available, along with the new game event, from today. The main improvements of this native version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are resolution 4k, 60 images per second “complete”, HDR, better shadows and more drawn distance. Although it is also available in Series S, there only the HDR and 60Hz enter into the treatment. We know that the famous 120fps are coming, but unfortunately it does not yet touch; That, as well as the compatibility with the functions of the dualsense, like the adaptive triggers, will come later. All this arrives at the same time that collection of soldiers, the new Apex Legends event, which brings back mode; This 9 against 9 will be available for two weeks. There are more news and changes, of course, you can consult on the official website of the game.