Rockstar Games, GTA online GTA + Introduction

GTA Online New Intro (2022)
Rock Star Games announced on the 28th that Play Station 5 and the new Membership Program GTA + provided by GTA online for X-box series X | S.

These memberships are available to new players and existing players using the next generation console.

GTA + members are deposited by the $ 500,000 GTA dollars in the monthly maize bank account, and can acquire real estate of Ross Santos to unlocked.

In addition, special movement means of upgrades, membership discounts, GTA dollars and RP bonuses are available every month.

From March 29 to April 27, the purchase of a plain player, including a $ 500,000 GTA dollar, including a $ 500,000 GTA dollar, providing a Principe DiVure-up-upgrade and HSW orange trips and HSW CMYK Glych symbols in Hao’s SpecialWorks do.

In addition, there are a variety of benefits, including Tuning Shop, LS, LS Message Meeting Membership Cost Exemptions, Hao’s SpecialWorks Lace series, including GTA dollars and RP 3 times.

In addition, a particular GTA + Shark card with additional bonus cash is paid in the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

GTA + members are added monthly new special compensation for each month, and are further provided to regular GTA online events that will continue to be provided to all players.

This membership can visit the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store at a rate of 6,900 won every month.