Hyundai Seoul is the same as the domestic indie game Project Ryu

In the background of Hyundai Seoul, the new indie game development team attracted the eyes of gamers as a new visual.

The Indie Game Development Team ‘Ryu Production’, which is active in six developers, released its new ‘project class (gauze)’ graphic trailer in its development through official YouTube on the 26th. We can look closely in detail around Hyundai Seoul, which is utilized as a background in the game through a two-minute video. It gives me a feeling that it seems to have been transferred from the game in the whole.

Moreover, if you look at Gyeongbok Palace, Cheonggyecheon, Gwanghwamun, etc., I will look at a housing that adds familiar with a bridge, a small playground, a small playground that has a small playground with a small playground, Can be. Here we have been able to find a detailed part of the traffic lights, safety signs, subway entrances, and small arcade games installed in front of the store.

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Project Ryu is a RPG centered on single play and is based on Unreal Engine 5. As a background, the background deals with the process of adventuring and growing the virtual world. Even on the video released this time, the girl character was to explore several areas.

The production team said, “I tried a lot about the big framework and direction of the game, and I tried a lot to complement the lack of skills,” he said. ” Therefore, detailed information about the game seems to be able to confirm the sooner.