Canada qualifies after 1986 for the second time for World Cup

A point would have been enough to the Canadians, but instead, the hosts on the BMO Field in Toronto briefly made a short process with the longest in the final round of the raffle outer man Jamaica.

The nation coated by the Englishman John Herdman, which had always held in the Tableau in front of the two large and well-known football teams from the US and Mexico, pressed the guest from the start of the back in the back. Printed, creative and also with numerous degrees, Canada always approached the housing of Blake. Early gate included: After a fine socket of Eustaquio it was Larin, which enforced freely before the box of ice cold to the 1-0 (13 minutes).

The only accusation of making the favorite: The opportunity recovery was too bad, Larin alone could have good and liked to lace a threesome pack. But it took until the 44th minute, marriage Buchanan lasted the last residual doubts in terms of world championship participation. With kindly with the help of the high-ending Jamaican Mariappa, who directed the ball directly in front of the feet with his head, the offensive man came to the ball and pressed them from close proximity to the 2-0 over the line (44.).

also a former St. Paulianer meets and celebrates

The second 45 minutes in the Tollhaus of Torono then at the Schaulaufen – including two icing on the cake on this historic day: initially processed Hilett, formerly between 2008 and 2009 for the FC St. Pauli active (now FC Reading), processed the ball left Fine in the penalty area and completed from a flowing movement casually to the 3-0 in the right corner (82.). The final point then dated Jamaikas Pechbird Mariappa, who shot a cross pass without distress into his own goal (88.).

Canadian men's soccer team qualifies for 1st World Cup since 1986

So stood a 4-0 for Canada to beech, although the result on the scoreboard was fully no matter. Much more important: With this threesome, the nation asked the first World Cup participation since 1986 (preliminary round in Mexico) – and may now look forward to the Winter World Cup in Qatar.

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