RPG Cool New Works “RPG Maker Unite” supports full HD resolution. Production efficiency is also improved with updated UI / UX

GOTCHA GOTCHA Games has published the following report of “ RPG Maker Unite ” on March 25th. According to press release, “RPG Maker Unite” supports full HD resolution for the first time in series. The work is also comfortable with the new UI / UX. In STeam, development diary has been published, and some questions from users have also been published.

“RPG Maker Unite” is a new work of the RPG Maker (RPG Cool) series under development of GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES. The series has been developed as a stand-alone app. In this work, it works on the game engine Unity as the first attempt of the series. Even if there is no knowledge of programming, the feature that the game can be created as it is, it seems to be higher than the traditional series by operating on Unity. Specifically, it corresponds to the native output to the mobile application. Map editor also evolves. In addition to the style of combining conventional tiles, map production in the form of placing an object on a large one background is also possible.

According to the announcement, the UI and UX, which are involved in production efficiency are renewed in this work. In the conventional series, a modal window expression UI or tree-like screen transition is adopted, and while the database subwindows are displayed, no other window could be manipulated. In this format, since the amount of information displayed at one time is small, it was also benefited to the production beginner. However, since the windows to open at once are limited, concurrent work and other windows information confirmation, etc. were not able to be confirmed, and it was connected to slowing work efficiency. In “RPG Maker Unite”, an integrated UI is adopted with emphasis on work efficiency. The amount of information that can be accessed increases, and it is possible to edit smoothly without switching the window, such as setting the character settings and maps.

Also, in the announcement, the series of full HD resolution was revealed. It is said that the detail of the material can be clearly expressed more than the conventional resolution than in the past.

Development diary has Q & A based on questions received from users. When the information is extracted, “RPG Maker Unite” does not correspond to the material and project read by past. The past RPG Maker series is because the root is different, and when the game is currently produced by past production, the production continuation of the past work is recommended.

Also, this work has been approved as a free version of Unity and Personal. STUDENT is for students, Personal, Personal, available for the past 12 months of revenue and funding. Free plans available if they have less than $ 100,000. Most users can use Unity in a free plan. Other details have not been revealed, but according to development diary, it seems that functions that can easily manage data and adjust the game balance are also introduced.

“RPG Maker Unite” will be released within 2022 at PC (Steam / Unity Asset Store). The corresponding language is in Japanese / English / Chinese at the time of release. Other languages ​​are being considered.