Meeting of fear and cards, GDC Awards Goty

Hidetaka Miyazaki wins Lifetime Achievement Award (Golden Joystick Awards 2018)
‘Inscript’, which was popular as a card game, which was popular in GDC Awards, a well-known GDC Awards with the Goty of the Goty ‘is selected for the game.

The GDC organizer announced the winner of the 2022 winner of the Game De Beller Choice Awards on the 23rd. Inscriptions, which account for the game of this year, were launched in October last year with Deck Building Games developed by Danel Mullins made by Pony Island. The deck building, which has made a deck with multiple cards, has led to a unique game with the storytelling and puzzle elements, psychological fear and rack exhibition. As of the 25th, steam is’ overwhelmingly positive (97%) in more than 60,000 reviews, and the meta-style expert rating is 85 points.

In addition, Innscriptions, the Global Indie Game Exhibition in Independent Game Festival, in the “IGF Awards” of the GDC, received acoustic, planning, and narrative awards with the subjects in the ‘IGF Awards’. At the same time at the two awards ceremony, the game awarded the ‘target’ is the first to be ink.

In addition, the major sector winners were revealed. Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apars have renamed Best Visual Arts (Graphics) and Best Technology (Technology). Substitution, followed by many homes, and the process of dealing with the process of stuttering the memories, received the best audio (sound) and innovation (innovation), and the vaginal game of the Nordic as the background of the vaginal game is the best debut (new development company) Occupied the Audience Award.

In addition to this, Sai Cornerz 2 was selected for the best narrative of the Best Narrative, It Take Take Best Design (Planning), and the social impact award to select a game that has had a positive impact on society,.

Finally, the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is geared in the game industry development, and the Ambassador Award, respectively, is a nonprofit organization that supports the dragon quests, respectively, and supports the disabled gameplay. Ablegamers (Steven Sp) (Steven Spohn) I went back to the representative.