Microsoft: If a union education at Activision Blizzard is not in the way

As the Washington post (via IGN) reports, Microsoft has announced in response to a letter that a union education at Activision Blizzard will not stand in the way. In January, several members of the quality control of Raven software, founded the first union of a large North American development studio. Game Workers Alliance emerged as a result of several strikeves at Activision Blizzard, which in turn represents a response to the miserable working conditions and public cases of sexual harassment. An overwhelming majority of employees has accepted the union in a vote. Thus, it can be officially recognized by the US National Labor Relations Board, regardless of whether the leadership sage agrees with Activision Blizzard or not. Of course, the union nevertheless asked about the blessing of your employer, but it has not received it yet.

How Activision Blizzard's first labor union may form | Raven Software, The Game Workers Alliance

The Game Workers Alliance was built in January 2022, so in the same month in which Microsoft announced to buy Activision Blizzard for 69 billion US dollars. This deal is currently being examined by the American cartel Office FTC. As it means that, this week, 15 employees of Raven software turned to the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and asked him to move Activision Blizzard to agree to union education. The letter also talks about the attempt of the lawyers of Blizzard, mood against trade union education with a PowerPoint presentation on their website. “I hope you agree that this humiliating and insulting approach to communicate with its employees who try to improve your working atmosphere should not be tolerated,” writing the 15 employees. The law firm himself answered this reproach and claimed that The presentation from the year 2013 comes and assured that they do not do the view of the company on the rights of employees.

The answer of Microsoft’s response also did not last long. So Lisa Tanzi, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft assured that the company “will not stand in the way” if Activision Blizzard’s leadership recognizes the union. “Microsoft respects the right of Activision Blizzard employees to decide that they prefer to be represented by a union and we will recognize that,” says Tanzi.