Bloodborne Kart is real: This is how the spectacular project of a fan

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Kart Racing Gameplay WIP (April Fools)
The fans that each day show their enthusiTeam Racingm and love towards a certain videogame Team Racing a starting point to carry out impressive projects do not stop surprising us. And the one that we bring you today is very special: Bloodborne Kart , a creation with all luxury details inspired by the clTeam Racingsics of the genre we saw during the generation of N64 and PSX (Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, CrTeam Racingh Team Racing…). The development is already underway and you can soon prove it.

The project creator is Lilith Walther (B0TSTER on Twitter) from which you have surely heard on more than one occTeam Racingion, because also is responsible for the popular Bloodborne Demake and his commitment to convert to the RPG From From Software in a PSX style game. Enjoy the trailer of the ad, in which you can see a hunter, the standard character of the game, riding on a striking motorcycle.

Bloodborne Kart and small details

Next We leave you the video of a race through the streets of YHARNAM . Pay attention to the musical arrangement of the project creator; is the melody that sounds when we fight against the cleric beTeam Racingt in the set of Software, adapted to the usual sound effects on the 90s. It is also very curious the banner that appears: “PthuMerian Cup”, a Reference to one of the dungeon dungeons. We can play it on PC “when ready” .

Bloodborne, RPG of heir action of the Formula Souls , premiered exclusively for PS4 in 2015. Subsequently, it received ancient expansion hunters along with a game edition of the year. Currently, the game is compatible with PS5 thanks to retraction and is also part of the titles included in PS Plus Collection.