STEAM version “G Darious HD” March 31 release decision! Early purchase sale of 15% off until April 6

GダライアスHD G-Darius HD Launches for Steam
Taito announced from March 31 (Thursday) to launch the horizontal scroll shooting game G Darious HD ” STeam version. Along with this, PV is also published on YouTube.

This work is a port of SWITCH and PS4 version “Darious Cosmic Revelation”, which is released in 2021, and the Soft “G Dalias HD” STEAM.

The “Darious” series appeared as an arcade game in 1986. A large-sized chassis that has connected the screen and the acoustic system built into the bench seat, such as an acoustic system with built-in vented speakers, and the enclosure of innovative mechanisms is a topic. Boss characters that motif aquilariorism such as Celakans and Macco Ukuzira appear in the game, and the popularity of Darius is still popular.

This work recorded 5 versions derived from “G Darious”, and as a STEAM version of the STEAM version, “GT” and “Queen Fosur”, “Fire Fosur” in the wide screen Add G Darious Exhibitions and support subwoofers. In addition, as well as home use, there are rich gadgets and repraculation of off-time reproduction, response to online ranking, and capture galleries, and capture galleries are also fulfilling.

In addition, the TSUKUMO release commemorative collaboration campaign commemorating the release of this work will be held on the following schedule.

“G Darious HD” is scheduled to be released from March 31 (Thursday) at STeam, and the price is 4,180 yen (tax included). In addition, it is underway to purchase at a 15% off 3,553 yen (tax included) from April 6 (Wed).