Collector pays $ 1,600 for a game of Barbie

To be a collector, it is not enough just to have a passion for video games, but very large pockets are necessary to spend huge amounts of money in titles that one could come to think that they are not worth a lot. This is the case of a user known as Galdius, who spent $ 1,600 dollars in a debarbie game for 3DS.

The Galdius 3DS collection is composed of 418 games, all launched at the North American market. However, for a time there was a particular title that evaded this player: Barbie Groom and Glam Pups. Fortunately, this changed a couple of days ago, When the collector managed to get the copy of him for a price that surely many are not willing to pay .

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What makes Barbie Groom and Glam Pups interesting interest is that it only came to Canada in North America, so getting a copy of this region is not something simple. It is important to mention that this title was also launched in Europe and Australia , where it is easier and cheaper to get this game, but Galdius sought to complete its collection of our continent.

As if that were not enough, a site that is responsible for revealing the prices of games, points out that Galdius spent more, since A copy of this game can be yours for less than $ 500 . That is still a high price for a game of Barbie, but at least it is not $ 1,600.

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Editor’s note:

$ 1,600 for a game of Barbie is a lot, but a lot of money. Considering that this title can be achieved easier in other countries, this also demonstrates the stubbornness that many collectors have to have a uniformity among everything they possess.