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A new smartphone game “Black Stella iи: Fernø” main character and luxury voice actors appearing in this work! ~ Kobayashi Yusuke, Uchida Masau and Voice actors, the total of 8 popular VTUBERs are in charge of CV

Cyber ​​Step Co., Ltd. Informed that the game “Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstella Inferno)”, which is scheduled to be distributed this spring, has announced the details of the main character and the voice actor in charge of the voice..

Cyber ​​Step Co., Ltd. announced that the game “Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstera Inferno)”, which is scheduled to be distributed this spring, has announced the details of the main character and the voice actor in charge of the voice. increase.

In addition, we will inform you that the character voice of this work was in charge of the total of 8 popular VTUBERs.

“Black Stella iи: Fernø” Pre-registration site

BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ(ブラックステラ インフェルノ)

# Publish 4 main character of the main character appearing in “Black Stella iи: Fernø”!

We have released information from four main characters and voice actor in charge of “Black Stella iи: Fernø”.

# # Taikio (cracked)

CV: Yuke Kobayashi

The main character of the story. He is a serious personality and is a friendship, but it is one of the positions of the captain and the past mission, which keeps the distance more than a member and is in contact with a certain distance. He is conducting an operation to show the kindness to the opponent who approaches the boundaries, or even the overrider, and who can not die as a single person.

# # Ayase Citrus (Ayasami)

CV: Uchida Shimoda

A so-called new generation girl born after the purgatory. She receives a war condition as a daily life, she doesn’t doubt about their justice, also believes in killing her enemies, and has continued to fight with bright and healthy. She is officially first, an overlider that has been introduced.

# # Sakura-yo (Kagawayo)

CV: Saori Onishi

She usually doesn’t usually give up emotions, and she is hard to know what she is thinking. He is faithful to a solid and mission at the time of combat, and the face of a fellow feelings and fellowship. He does not have a small memory before he entered the nursing facility. She has a bit of fascinating to be deposited with her back with a relationship from her former corps.

# # 赤 赤 (Akasaka Mina)

CV: Suzuki

“Woman I love” with your conditioner. She has made it into a bustling position that is noticeable, and I still show a self-written neta. No one knows where he is born and what the past has. Including himself.

Besides the voice actors introduced this time, we participated in many voice actors.

Don’t miss it because you will introduce it at any time on the official Twitter and the official site!

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Official Site: https: //

# Popular vTuber 8 people are in charge of playable character voices!

We were in charge of 8 playable character voices in “Black Stella iи: Fernø” and were in charge of 8 popular vTuber.

The details of the character in charge of each are announced at the official Twitter later, so please wait for the follow-up.

◆ Morning Noho (Morning No sister Plijiro)

◆ Kuenma (GuildCQ)

◆ Kuramochi Kyoko (Star Meguri Gakuen)

◆ Beard / Mef

◆ Cat Miyahitachi (Cat Miyagata Project)

◆ Hizukimiu (WACTOR)

◆ Himeka Hakabon (Re: ACT)

◆ Empire (Star Meguri Gakuen)

Official Twitter: https: //

# “Black Stella iи: Fernø”

“Black Stella iи: Fernø” is a gaming app that can enjoy a world view drawn with a heavy scenario by a luxurious creator and a unique character.

◆ Creators and World Viewing Settlo Suzuki “Girls & Panzer” · Main Scenario Main History “I can not get along” Hatsuhei Hatsu “RE: RE: Different world life starting from zero”, Many writers join the scenario-character design Oguchi

Deployment Story

Starting with the mysterious large explosion that occurred in 1999, a series of major disasters that sway in Tokyo one after another.

Finally, Mamono, which appeared from a huge “hole” that swallows all of the Minato Ward, has begun to attack people….

And 2049-Tokyo was isolated from the world from Japan.

# Service Overview

Title: Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstera Inferno)
Genre: Multilateral Real Time Battle
Platform: ios, Android
Release schedule: spring 2022
Official Site: https: //
Official Twitter: https: //

Company Profile

Company name: Cyber ​​Storage Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Suginami Wa Wazzen Izumi 1-chome No. 19
Representative: Representative Director President Sato
Founded: April 1, 2000
URL: https: //

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