Time reverse line puzzle “RELASH” STeam to Delivered March 30. Reverse the flow of time and use the past

Domestic Indie Games Development Studio RetrogradeGames announced on March 23, “RELASH” released on March 30. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). Videos such as trailers have also been released to the presentation.

“RELASH” is a 3D puzzle action game that solves his hand using your past self. In this work, the protagonist aims to go ahead, aiming to escape from a mysterious facility. There are a large number of rooms in the facility, and a gimmick such as a box or switch is installed in the room. However, the device that is waiting in each room is just one of the other guests and those who have to reverse the procedure, such as the normal means. It is not going to advance just by simply moving the gimmicks on the mechanism of the puzzle.

Therefore, in this work, we solve the puzzle using the past. In each room, a gate entering a mysterious device is installed. When the player enters the device, the time starts retrograde from the moment to reversely play the video. With the passage of time, the falling block rises to the original position, and the closed entrance opens again. In the time of retrograde, it is possible to take advantage of your own behavior in the past.

For example, a switch is installed in the room, and it will open an entrance only while the switch is pressed. There is no other object, and in order to open the entrance, you need to get on the top. However, when leaving the switch towards the outlet, the entrance is closed. Although it is not possible to escape as it is, if you get into the switch for a few seconds, if you enter the device and reverse time flow, the past is operating the switch. If the entrance is open, you can escape from the room if you go ahead. As far as you see the trailer, a large ball that comes and a laser that will be turned off, and a belt conveyor that flows through the block will appear. Dangerous gimmicks are likely to be scratched using devices that retrograde time.

It is domestic indie game development studio retrogradegames that is working on this work. The studio is five university students who are representative of Matsumoto Ryunosuke, who belongs to Kyoto University. This work was one of the former representative Matsumoto Ryunosuke, and was published as a free game in February 2021. Currently, distribution is discontinued towards the release of the product version, including the trial version delivered in STEAM. According to the press release, in this work, it is said that “Portal” and “The Talos Principle” are affected. Full-scale puzzles that use heads like both works are likely to be expected.

“RELASH” is scheduled to release on March 30 at STEAM.