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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League officially confirms that it goes to 2023 to anyones surprise

It was clear and we already advanced a few weeks ago. Everything pointed out that the videogame Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League was not going to leave this year and now it’s official. This has been confirmed by Sefton Hill, director of Rocksteady, through a statement.

We have taken the difficult decision to delay suicide squad: Kill The Justice League until the spring of 2023. I know that a delay is frustrating, but that time is dedicated to making the best game we can. I hope to bring the chaos to metropolis together. For your patience, “says Sefton Hill.

It seemed evident by several aspects. The first of them is the lack of news regarding the project. The following, that Warner Bros. Games has enough artillery this 2022 with Lego Star Wars, Gotham Knights and Legacy Hogwarts. Three titles that have already confirmed their launch and, in the case of the last two, for the last months of the year. Also launch the adventure based on the suicide squad would be to throw stones to your roof, so as coherent at commercial level is to wait for spring of 2023.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League OFFICIALLY DELAYED - Good News Though

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is a game of action and adventures. We can play it alone or in cooperative. It will take us to the Metropolis of Superman and embody the members of the suicidal squad, who on this occasion are confirmed by Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark .

At the forefront of the project is Rocksteady, British study that catapulted to Fame thanks to the Batman Arkham saga. Your latest work dates back to 2015 and, until the launch of Suicide Squad are going to be 8 years without any launch. Let’s wait someday to know what has happened to have so many complications when it comes to launching its new project, That will come after cancellations that have not seen the light and a development that, in tenor of the various delays that accumulates, is being more complicated than expected.