“Kirby Discovery of the Stars” Haru Research Institute, “Kirby is afraid” Im troubled with the difficulty adjustment. Bone tough technology and anti-unexpected

Nintendo updates the official page “Developer” on March 24th. An interview with developers was released on the production of “ Kirby Discovery ” of stars. The livelihood of development is told for the collapse of the collapsed on March 25. It seems that the mysterious technology of the Hal laboratory is clearly revealed.

“Kirby Discovery of Stars” is an action game that is released for Nintendo Switch. “Kirby of the Stars” This is the first 3D action, and the depth stage runs in the vertical and horizontal ways. A variety of new elements such as “Hobari Henkei”, which will show new abilities, such as automobiles and triangles It is prepared.

At first glance, a “star Kirby Discovery” characterized by a pop and pretty visual. But behind it seems that bone technical skills are hidden. For example, when making “Kirby of the stars” in 3D, there was a hurdle unique to Kirby. It is a problem that Kirby is looking forward to behind and behind. Since the managaru body is disasters, it becomes the same silhouette even if the direction is pointed out, it becomes difficult to determine the direction of Kirby from the player. This is difficult to hit it correctly when attacking the enemy.

Therefore, in this work, it is said that the same problem is technically solved. Specifically, we have incorporated the mechanism “Do not actually hit when you look at the attack on the game screen”. The system automatically identifies the range that looks like an attack hit from the camera and Kirby’s positional relationship. For example, when Kirby throws a cutter, even if the attack is slightly shifted from the camera, if the attack is slightly shifted from the camera, the attack will hit the enemy with an enemy, and the attack will hit. It is said that it will be processed. This mechanism seems to be able to attack smoothly without stress even if you are not good at 3D action.

Furthermore, as a similar technique, a mechanism called fuzzy landing was also explained. In the case of 3D space, there is a problem that the position where the position to be landed after jumping is difficult to understand. Even if you try to jump continuously by the intention of landing, the A button will actually occur, and there will be a situation that Kirby has not yet landed and becomes hovering.

Therefore, if the player presses the A button at a distance close to a certain extent from the ground, it seems that a mechanism to be treated as a jump input as it was parked properly. This system allows you to take good actions without misrepresenting hovering. Besides, we will continue to develop a system that automatically performs modeling of terrain and aim to shorten and efficiency, and surprise the reader.

It is a Hull laboratory that has shown a high problem solving ability, but it seems that there was also a problem that it takes a time to solve it. It was a concern that the thrill and adventure will be reduced by changing the 2D action to 3D action as it is. It is said that the difficulty level has fallen if Kirby is firmly enclosed by Kirby who is easy to avoid enemies with 3D. In fact, even if Ninomiya, who belongs to Nintendo feedback, the field has become full of gaps even if you requested the coordination of the enemy arrangement many times.

So I asked the Haru laboratory that Mr. Ninomiya did not increase the map’s density, and it seems that surprising answers have returned. Haru Research Institute Staff Wow, “Don’t Kirby’s right if you are surrounded by the enemy so much?” All the staff developed are Kirby, and there was a resistance to creating a scene that suffered Kirby. Not only to consider people who are not good at action games and players with low ages, it seems that the feeling that I do not want to bully Kirby must have become difficult to design the map level design. Although it was quite a hood that was so busy, these difficulty adjustments have been rubbed and rubbed with time.

This interview that has become angry with the spectacular technology of the Haru laboratory and the unexpected Kirby. The full text can be read from here. “Kirby Discovery of Stars” is a revised overseas review. Reviews We have already acquired high evaluations with Metascore 85 at Metacritic. Wait for the same work launched on March 25.