FIFA 22 Totw 27: Equipment of Ultimate Team Week, with Auba, Son, Koke, Barter and more

A week arrives more than a new team of the week to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. It is already the totw 27 of the season, and brings us to new players with bonus special letters for our game star mode templates of EA Sports.

We refresh your operation. These special players will appear on envelopes from now and during the period of one week you can get them for your teams. Based on the actions they have had in the real world, receive a special card for Fut that improves the numbers of the base letter of that same footballer. In addition, you can measure them against them in Squad Battles matches to get succulent rewards, or use them in SBC challenges to exchange for other highest-level players.

In the team this week, the presence of Aubameyang stands out. Barça’s striker has been in the spotlights for the double of him before Real Madrid and holding him to the purest Dragon Ball style.

Totw 27 FIFA 22


  • David Soria (84)
  • Robertson (89)
  • Clauss (86)
  • Barter (85)
  • Coman (88)
  • Koke (86)
  • Bennacer (83)
  • Demirbay (82)
  • Are (91)
  • Aubameyang (87)
    Ben Yedder (87)

FIFA 22 | ???? TEAM OF THE WEEK 27 PREDICTION!???? FT. Aubameyang, Lewandowski,...


  • Omlin (81)
  • Can (84)
  • Stark (81)
  • Pellegrini (84)
  • Giakoumakis (83)
  • Guirassy (81)
  • Ighalo (81)
  • Kattimani (66)
  • MOR (79)
  • M’CHangama (78)
  • Ferreira (77)
  • Thomas-Asante (73)

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