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Just before release! Monster August, “Ghostwire: TOKYO” Information Summary of Real and Tokyo Stage-Introducing Combat Systems, Worldwise, and Vehicles so far

Bethesda Softworks will release the new action adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” on PC / PS5 on March 25, 2022.

This work is a work that Tango Gameworks is engaged in Tango Gameworks, who is known as “Biohazard” etc. On the stage where the monster is distorted, the main character ‘人 」」’ s spirit “KK” is drawn to follow the mystery of the incident.

In this paper, we will introduce the “Ghostwire: Tokyo” summary and information about the “Ghostwire: TOKYO” overview and information. The PS5 version “Deluxe Edition” buyer can be played from 22nd.

# The stage is a monster. Solve the incident in cooperation with the mysterious spirit “KK”!

The stage of this work is Tokyo as the game name. Tokyo is a mysterious masked man hand known as “General Young”, and many people disappear in an instant, transformed into a distorted city where monsters such as a paradise, ghost and urban legend are embodied. increase. The hero and the carer are one of the few survival of this city. The carer will meet the detective spirit and KK in this town, and become a “dipocentric” as the source to get stuck with the general young.

By connecting to KK, the ability to manipulate elements to counter the monsters will be available. The ether shot is an attribute of fire, water, wind, and it is important to use it according to the situation, such as a type like a shotgun that gives a large damage at a continuous fire type or short distance.

In addition, when car and KK are separated in the story, the ether shot is of course not available. In that case, we face enemies by making full use of the ability of the carer, such as “bow and arrow” and powerful “paralytic card”, from stealth, and the same from stealth.

# Come to attack is a monster, urban legend, ghost!

The monster that faces the hero “Malevit” is full of monsters that have seen somewhere, such as “Hanako”, “Hanako”, “Slenderman”, etc. By giving sufficient damage to the malebate, it is possible to make a big damage by applying the core and pulling out the core.

Valid existence for the main character, such as a monster “cat or”, “Katsuo” that can purchase items, etc., and the protection, etc. in Tokyo appeared. You can also enjoy the sky hunt that flys the sky and exploring the maze by finding “Kappa” “Kappa”, “One Anti-Cotton” and “Rokuro Neck” in the city.

This incident can find the “ghost” of the people lost, and can be leveled by transferring them to the outside through the public ph1. If the level goes up, you can release the spirit skills (skills) and strengthen the ether shot and extend the air-to-speech time extension, and improve the detection capacity of surrounding signs.

In Tokyo, Tokyo, landmarks such as Shibuya Scramble intersections and Tokyo Tower are depicted by the next-generation technology with amazing detells and rendering. In the city, various areas can be explored as well as modern cityscape as well as temple companies and sponsored roads. You can also look down the city from the sky by grapping the “Tengu” in the map.

The great purpose of this work is the purification of “瘴” wrapping in Tokyo, and by defeating the Malevit to protect the torii in each area, the new road is possible, and the important mystery of the story is clear It will be.

# Realize the picture so far!

“Ghostwire: TOKYO” published by the first video at E3 in 2019 has published many images so far. In this section, we will introduce the video of this work mainly in the Bethesda Softworks Official YouTube channel.

■ Ghostwire: Tokyo-Official E3 TEaser (2019)

■ GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo-GamePlay Reveal Trailer (2020)

■ Ghostwire: TOKYO-Official Hannya Trailer (2021)

■ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-Official GamePlay Deep Dive (2022)

■ Ghostwire: TOKYO-Official Studio Spotlight (2022)

State of Play Livestream | PlayStation (July 8 2021)

# # ■ Tango Gameworks Japan Official Twitter Prelong Trailer (2022)

# # ■ Official Launch Trailer (2022)

# # ■ Official Soundtrack Footage (2022)

# Gaiden works that draw the previous day of the hero’s partner “KK” also appeared!

The Visual Novel “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-Prelude ” draws the former day of the main character, the Visual Novel “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-PrELUDE ” is free for PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 for free delivery It has been.

The previous day is a stage in Tokyo half a year ago from the main story. A strange incident is drawn with KK who chases the clues of missing friends and his fellow veterinary detectives. While approaching the truth while deepening the bond with your friends, it is a work that can know the story leading to the main story and the side of KK.

# PC system project

The company also publishes the system requirements for PC version.

lowest specification

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 Version 1909 or more

  • Processor: Core i7 4770K @ 3.5 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 260

  • Memory: 12 GB RAM

  • Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD RX 5500 XT (VRAM 6GB or more)

  • DirectX: Version 12

  • Storage: 20 GB Available (SSD Recommendation)

Recommended specifications

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 Version 1909 or more

    • Processor: Core i7 6700 @ 3.4 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Memory: 16 GB RAM

  • Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 1080 or AMD RX 5600 XT (VRAM 6GB or more)

  • DirectX: Version 12

  • Storage: 20 GB Available (SSD Recommendation)

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” released on March 25, 2022 for PS5 / PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). The price is usually 8,778 yen (tax included), and the deluxe version is 1,0978 yen (tax included). The PS5 version “Deluxe Edition” buyer can be played from 22nd.

In addition, the costume “Premium bike suit pack (PS5 version only)” as a reservation benefit is also included. “Premium Bike Suit Pack” has been upgraded from the previous “bike suit”.