Neople, Jeju Island Area Childrens Center for Quick Antigen Inspection Kit Support

Care-provider-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for children aged 2 to 7 years
[AI News 24 Park Ye Jing] Neop will send a hand of help for the creation of a safe stone spring environment in Jeju Island in Jeju Island.

Neop (representative Nojection) has a work agreement with the Jeju Social Welfare Joint Association (President Kang Ji), a member of the Jeju Regional Association (President of the President), I announced.

Neople is a Jeonju Social Welfare Joint Association and the Jeju Area Children’s Center Association through the Association of the Children’s Center in 65, including children and centers in 65 children and center workers, and 7,400 (per person per person) per person (per person) It is scheduled to support. This kit donation plans to reduce infections in the regional children’s centers, such as incomplete immune systems and group childcare environments, and will help prevent proliferation through preemptive testing.

“I hope to protect the local children who are vulnerable to Corona 19 infections,” Kit donation, “he said,” I hope to protect the local children vulnerable to Corona 19 infections and help Jeju Island’s secure nursery environment. “In the future, We will continue to support vulnerable layer such as children and disabilities that are needed. “

President of Jeju Regional Association, “President of the Children’s Center Association, said,” It was a situation that was suffering from the right support of the city according to Corona 19 diffusion tax, “he was suffering from a difficulty in purchasing a self-test kit.” I will try to make a right growth. “

Meanwhile, Neop will continue to support the office in Jeju Island in 2015, supported leukemia, pediatric surfaces, supporting childhood seams, and the reserve of the Children’s Dimo ​​Seeds. Welfare facilities are expanding social contribution activities for Jeju communities such as vehicle donation, eco-friendly paper envelope support project progression.