Where to find three gems in the tunic

Exploring the mysterious world of the tunic, you must solve various puzzles and quests. At an early stage, it is important to find three gems and learn their appointment. It can make you think where to find three gems.

The boss guards every gem in the tunic. The red gem guard protects the siege car, the green is a librarian, and the blue is the boss trash. That’s where to find all the precious stones in the tunic.

Tunic - Part 2 Walkthrough (Gameplay) Red Gem Key location and Boss Fight

how to get a red gem in the tunic

To get a red gem in the tunic, you must go to East Storage and defeat Siege Machine . This boss is waiting for you at the end of the area and for golden doors in the repository. The siege car can be a challenge if you are not ready, but you can get the mysterious rod from him as soon as you defeat it.

Take this rod to the platform directly before the battle. With a siege machine. Insert it into the hole, and a column with a red stone will appear. As soon as it opens, take a red gem and leave the Eastern storage.

how to get a green gem in the tunic

Green Precious Stone can be found in Big Library in Hands Librarian . First you must go through a frog domain and get a magic sphere. Being there, you will learn that the Green Gemstone was stolen before your arrival.

The librarian is the one who stole the precious st1. This boss is at the top of the Great Library, so run the level and get to the top. Once there, you can fight a librarian, defeat it and get a green gem.

How to get a blue gem in a tunic

The gemstone is located in quarry and holds boss trashman . This steep enemy can be found at the bottom of the career through the lower miazma. You need to enter the large doors that you opened by activating blocks on the way to your career. This will lead you to zigkurat .

Follow the path and defeat enemies on the way. In the end, you will get to the last platform, where the boss of the garbage is waiting for you. Defeat this enemy, and you can pick up a blue gem that he guards. With all the gems in the hands, go back to the sealed temple and place them in the nest in the center room.

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