Marvels Avengers will bring back the Favorite Fans Character

_ Marvel_visors is bringing back to a favorite fans character with the next update of the game. It remains to be seen if Crystal Dynamics will expand the list of Vegers game after the launch of Spider-Man. Given the hesitant popularity of the game, Spidey can well be the last playable character added to the game, but data leaks in the past suggest otherwise. In any case, the next update of the game does not come with a new playable character, but it has a particular NPC.

The Crystal Dynamics developer has announced the next game update, the patch 2.3, will be launched on March 24 along with a “reworking” by War Table. According to Crystal Dynamics, the objective of this reprocessing is to optimize the missions and improve the general experience of the user. In addition to this, the developer also aims to improve the process of incorporation for newer players in the game and, with this end, Nick Fury returns to Helicarier as a guide.

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«Nick Fury returns to the Helicarier to guide the new players to the Avengers Initiative,” writes Crystal Dynamics about the update. “You can talk to him in War Table when he logged in to see what he has been doing. In fact, he will replace the narration of Jarvis and Maria Hill at the beginning of the Avengers Initiative, during new tutorial videos and some missions. Although this is mainly for new players, existing players can go through this process with Nick Fury to catch up with him. “

All this and more will be launched on March 24. To read more about “and more,” click on the link in the second paragraph. Meanwhile, once we have the patch notes for the update, we will share them. That said, do not expect to have patch notes until March 24 when the update is published or just before it is published.

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