Geralty as a woman? Cosplay shows how The Witcher 3 could look like

Geralt of Riva is an essential figure in The-Witcher Universe, which has now been extended next to novels and legendary games by a Netflix series, which has recently received a second season. In real filming, the Brite Henry Cavill slows into the role of the witcher. But a creative cosplayer turns the spit now and presents us a breathtaking, female version of Geralt.

Female Geralty of Riva looks breathtaking

The cosplayer named AGREABLE_BED_4627 shows on Reddit in full Montur. This includes next to the magnificent armor of course also a witcher-medallion . That’s just like everything, others designed with great attention to detail and looks similar to the original. Of course, every good witcher requires a masterfully forged blade and so poses the cosplayer in a photo gallery heroic with Geralts sword. The entire cosplay is according to the user with the exception of the sword completely homemade. There is not the first time that we show you Cosplays from Geralt from The Witcher 3 as a woman. So we already got the cosplayers Emily, Soup Softtheday and Jccosplay as a Genderswap version.

Even Srehute is part of the game

The Witchar: Wicked Hunt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt parody)

As a small extra on top of that, AGREABLE_BED 4627, however, disguised their dog as a “Pulle”, then Geraltts’s horse is called a strainer and usually only the only companion. Although the Cosplayerin can not ride on her version of Plötke or Charlie – the right name of the dog – but he is at least a just as sweet companion as the original. There is also a small YouTube video that shows the emergence of the photos.

Other cosplays from The Witcher

Again and again fans make the effort and create cosplays from the world of The Witcher , then fans have already dressed up as the magic girls Yennefer vengerberg or Triss Merigold. But even from other worlds there are great cosplays, such as TIFA from Final Fantasy 7 or Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

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